Designers, meet your future.

You've got the Design-Mind. Now get a Brand-Mind and promote yourself.

Freelance Designer?
Own your own Design business?
Looking to move up in your career?

Our course offers 12 weeks of amazing insights, lessons and tools to bridge the gap between graphic design and brand development, increasing the value of your services, the effectiveness of your design work, and range of potential work while breaking you from plateaued design rates.

Access to our lessons, workbooks, and private Facebook group
is included with enrollment as well as one on one mentoring.

The chances are VERY HIGH that you're not taking full advantage of the power of Branding and as a result you've become a production designer and looked at as an employee or hired help versus a true Brand-minded partner and respected authority in design.

We're going to teach you how to start taking control of your projects, clients and future while establishing your true worth.

Upgrade your design career and never look back!

No software knowledge necessary - just a brain.

3 Months of Lessons

Access to all of our tools and templates

Video Lessons and Workbooks

Private Online Community

Give yourself a promotion.

All it takes is 12 weeks.

Never approach design work in the same way again.

Set your own rates and call the shots more often.

Be seen as a thought leader not just a technical tool.

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